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"SC Rock City"
Chattanooga, TN
August 10-11, 2002


This was by far one of the most fun meets yet.  The meet started off Saturday morning at the old Sam's Club parking lot where Tim Newcom of Chattanooga, Jason Parham of Tuscaloosa, AL, Mike Puckett of Norcross, GA, Dan Lineback of Villa Rica, GA, Scott Smith and his wife from Maryville, TN, and David Debuty and his wife from Chattanooga met up.  This was the first meet for David and Scott, so we all introduced ourselves and got acquainted.  After getting to know each other, we lined the cars up for some pictures.  We had four red SCs flanked by Mike's 35th and Jason's XR-7.  

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The old Sam's Club revisited A flock of red and black

After taking pictures and such, it was off to a local restaurant for some lunch, where we discussed many different things.  After lunch, it was off to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum where we got to look at a wide range of restored rail cars and steam engines.  Then we took a train ride in an open windowed coach behind a real coal burning steam engine.  It was a real trip back in time!  


Jason trying his hand at a locomotive simulator The old steam engine at the TVRM This is how a steam engine does a donut!

After the museum, it was time for some scenic mountain cruising.  We took a drive up Raccoon Mountain to some great points overlooking the Tennessee Valley.  The real fun part came when we got to drive across the dam on top of the mountain which created the man-made lake.  Nothing like a one lane road with a lake on one side and a VERY steep drop on the other.  The sun was setting, which provided some nice photo opportunities. 

Tim, Mike, Dan, and Jason's cars on Raccoon Mtn.

On the dam on top of Raccoon Mtn. DAM Supercoupes!!

On the dam on top of Raccoon Mtn. Jason says, "I'm not going near the edge!" The view off the valley side of the dam.  DAM what a view!

The view from Raccoon Mountain looking towards downtown

After cruising for a while came the highlight of the meet.  We decided to hit the go-kart tracks at Sir Gooney's, a local arcade and fun park.  The road course was fun, but the engines were governed to keep speed down, so we could barely even get sideways in the turns.  The real  fun came when we hit the "Thunder Dome," the oval slick track.  The cars on this track were much faster, which allowed us to "dirt track" through the turns.  Mike quickly proved to be the king of this event, as he lapped the rest of us several times.  After a few runs we decided to hit Chili's for dinner, then headed off to the Econo-Lodge for some econo-lodging.  

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