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"SC Rock City"
Chattanooga, TN
August 10-11, 2002


We started out Sunday with a drive up Lookout Mountain and decided to "SC Rock City."  Lots of interesting rock formations and scenery there.

After leaving Rock City, we headed back towards Raccoon Mountain to cook out, stopping to raid the Food Lion.  We staked out part of the picnic pavilion, fired up the grill, and threw on some burgers and bratwursts.  The food was most excellent!  Our appetites for food were satisfied, but we still had some scores to settle on the go-kart track before heading home.  So back to Sir Gooney's it was, where Mike again out drove the rest of us, retaining his reign as King of the Thunder Dome.

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Jason Says, "I can see my house from here!" Jason getting even with Mike for spanking him on the Thunder Dome  The swing bridge at Rock City.  Yes, we actually crossed it!

Some moonshine makin' gnomes!

Mike and Jason with the cars at Rock SCity


Mike and Jason trying to dislodge the giant balanced rock. Waterfall at Rock City

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