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"SC Rock City III"
Chattanooga, TN
August 30-31, 2003


The tradition continues!  Members of the SCCoSE made the annual pilgrimage to Chatt-Town for the SC Rock City III meet.  This year, the old Sam's club location had to be scrapped, as a new business has moved into that building.  So instead, we invaded a vacant Home Depot lot, just down the street.  Members Mike Puckett, Dan Lineback, Tim Newcom, Jason Shaneyfelt, Brad Rogers, Mike Donley, Robert Dennenberg, and Jason Parham flocked in from around the southeast.  We had an impressive turn-out of 7 SCs swarming the lot.  Jason P. traveled up in his Accord, as the harmonic balancer on his XR-7 broke the week before.     

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The Home Depot Lot Jason and his balancer

After everyone arrived and had a chance to shoot the breeze for a while, it was off to re-visit Sticky Fingers Barbeque for some damn good ribs and much needed sustenance.  Afterwards, we visited the famous Tennessee Aquarium.

After the aquarium, we headed to the hotel to get situated before dinner.  This year we decided to pony-up for some high class, two-star the Ramada Inn, across the street from last year's one-star Econo-Lodge.  It was a step up, despite the seedy looking abandoned hotel behind it (which proved to be an excellent place for some burnouts).  We got situated, then it was off to dinner at Chili's, and the return to the Thunder Dome! 


The vacant hotel behind the Ramada...our burnout area Watching car videos in Robert's room Last year's super luxurious Econo-Lodge

On Sunday, Darrin Henderson from Montgomery met up with us at the hotel.  We departed the lovely Ramada Inn, and headed off to the Tennessee Valley Railroad for a scenic train ride.  Following that, we raided the Food Lion for supplies for the cookout before the trip up Raccoon Mountain.  We fired up a bag of charcoal and tossed on some burgers, dogs, brats, and chicken.  We were definitely well fed after that! 

After our food digested, it was off the Sir Gooney's for one more run on the Thunder Dome before calling it a weekend.


The "Grill Master" at work

Making sure that cow's dead We all ate too much!

Convoy of SCs On top of the dam on Racoon Mtn.