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Chattanooga Meet,
January 13, 2001


We had a total of 6 cars in attendance. Members that made the pilgrimage to Chatt-town were Mike Puckett, Mike Donley, Tim Newcom (who hosted our meet), Col. Glenn, and Dan Lineback. Jason Parham trailered his XR7 in from Tuscaloosa, and Robert Dennenberg rode along with Mike Puckett.

The following is a review of the meet by Dan Lineback

I met up with Jason in Dalton at around 10:00 in the morning. His dad had hauled his XR7 up from Tuscaloosa on a trailer, as it is making some noise and he didnít want to risk driving it too far. A little while later, in rolls Col. Glenn and the XB70 and Mike Puckett, with Robert Dennenberg riding shotgun. After refreshing our coffee cups, we were on the road to Chatt-Town. 

Tim provided us with excellent directions. With all the construction going on up there, we surely would have got lost with out them. We rolled up the exit ramp to see a beautiful vacated Samís Club parking lot, just begging for some rubber. Glenn led the way in, throwing up a little smoke to make our presence known. Mike Donley and Tim were there waiting for us.

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Mike Donley's Car Our cars lined up in front of the old Sam's Club Our cars lined up in front of the old Sam's Club


Dan Lineback's 94 SC Our cars lined up in front of the old Sam's Club Col. Glenn's "XB-70"

We all greeted one another, as this was the first face to face meeting for several of us. We checked out each otherís cars, then compared notes and pictures on our cars. Jason unloaded his Cougar, and we all gathered Ďround to listen to and attempt to diagnose a slight knocking sound coming from his motor. 

The Colonel then led us in a Smoke Signals 101 class, checking out the new Toyos on the XB70. After a few burn-outs and donuts, Jason and I took turns trashing our tires. My Goodyear Eagle GS-Cs still have not forgiven me for abusing them like that. We lined up in front of the old for some group shots, then caravanned up Lee Hwy. to Sticky Fingers BBQ near the mall, where we had some of the best ribs ever. 

After sitting around for a couple hours, BSing over BBQ, we headed off to Timís place to watch Mikeís racing videos. The trip over there was an adventure. Trying to lead a 6 car procession through Saturday afternoon mall traffic is not as easy as it sounds!! Mike and I were bringing up the rear and got separated from the rest of the group at a traffic light. We couldnít see where they went after turning the corner, so after driving up the road for a few minutes with no sign of the group, we parked it and called Timís cell phone. A search party comprised of Tim and Glenn came to our rescue. 

We made it back to Timís, where we watched videos of drag racing that Mike had accumulated over the year. We also viewed Robertís footage from earlier in the day. 

After sitting around talking for a while, we decided to call it a day around 5:30, and the voyage home began.

All in all, it was a good meet, although more SCs would have made it better. Hats off to our host in Chattanooga. Thanks, Tim, for having us at your place, and for finding that awesome parking lot!!