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Independence Day Parade
Dunwoody, GA
July 4, 2002


Dan Lineback and Mike Puckett had the honor of representing the MN12 Thunderbirds in a flock of Birds participating in the 4th of July parade in Dunwoody.  A total of eight birds owned by members of the North Georgia Vintage Thunderbird Club (All Years), Classic Thunderbird Club International ('55-'57), The Metro Atlanta Thunderbird Group ('02), and the SCCoSE attended.  The parade included a '57 convertible, a '66 hardtop and a '66 convertible, Mike's 35th Anniversary Edition, Dan's '91 SC, and three '02 Birds.  All of the T-birds received many compliments from the numerous spectators.  Following the parade we ate lunch and discussed the history and evolution of these cars over the past 47 years.


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Pulling out of the staging area at the start of the parade Making our way down Mt. Vernon Rd. The parade route making a turn

The line of Birds really impressed the thousands of spectators Mike's 35th and Dan's 91 at the restaurant Two '02s, a '57, and two SCs in the parking lot of the restaurant

An amazing coincidence...the wall paper at J. Christopher's (the restaurant) featured '57 Chevrolets and '56 T-Birds!