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Bracket Racing @ Atlanta Dragway
November 11, 2000


The best turnout yet!!! We had a total of 7 SCs in attendance. Those that came were Mike Puckett, Rick Cunningham, Maj. Glenn Huber, Ron Wiemer, Jason Parham, and Dan Lineback. Randy and Deborah Gilbert also came up in their “twin” gray 95 SCs.

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(L-R)Deborah and Randy G., Dan L., Jason P., Ron W., Mike P., Rick C., and Col. Glenn Birds nesting in the pit area

The following is an excerpt from Mike Puckett's article in the Dec. 2000 Chargin' Thunder

At our most recent gathering we had seven SC's present. Jason Parham came in his other car again since his XR7's engine is making an ugly noise. LTC Glenn Huber drove over from Ft. Benning, and Ron Weimer came down from Knoxville as well as Rick, Dan, and myself. A new couple, Randy and Deborah Gilbert, showed up in matching platinum '95's.

Randy and Deborah in the "Twin SCs" Ron and Mike "Rotten" Ron's SC

We looked like quite a flock of birds as we all pulled through the staging lanes in a group. I took one over Glenn, Rick just bested Ron, and Randy was victorious over his wife Deborah. After a short wait we were able to restage for a 2nd attempt. I was struck by Murphy on my next two runs bogging and nearly stalling first and then missing a 3rd gear shift on the next run losing to Ron both times. I did turn identical 14.33's on my two good runs. Ron was eventually able to make it to the fourth round of eliminations before we finished for the evening. Meanwhile, Deborah was able to get revenge and beat Randy and Rick won one over Glenn.

In the pits Glenn and Dan