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Bracket Racing at Atlanta Dragway
Commerce, GA
October 14, 2000


We had a smaller than expected turn out for the event. Mike Puckett, Rick Cunningham, and Jason Parham were the only three members in attendance.

The following is a review of the meet by Mike Puckett

There were just 3 of us there, 4 counting Rick Cunningham's son and a good time was had by all, no sunburn and no broken cars. Jason Parham drove over in his Accord as the XR7 is a little under the weather. Rick just stayed thru time trials and made 2 runs while Jason and I stayed for eliminations. I made it to the 3rd round again and made 5 runs. Rick and I went head to head 1st time up and Rick took that one with a 14.211 @ 99.12 to my 14.312 @ 98.69mph but he jumped the gun big time with a .217 r/t to my .590, red lighting which in time trials doesn't really mean anything except that technically I won, right Rick?. Rick's 2nd run broke into the 13's with a 13.858, way to go Rick. I played with tire-spin and a clutch that didn't want to release completely as it crept out of staging twice during the day. This was the stiffest competition I've faced yet as these guys and one lady were seasoned racers.  This series actually runs all season every weekend for points. My 2nd time trial run was vs a 70's Barracuda, I ran a tire-spinning 14.652 vs. a 12.735. My 1st elimination I was dialed in at 14.15 but red lighted with a .488 r/t and ran another 14.6 against an old bright yellow Falcon Econoline Van/pickup that ran a 13.165. I bought back in for the 2nd round and finally clicked with a 14.238 and beat the Lady driven Cuda as she let off too much trying not to breakout. On my last run I ran a 14.5 because of too much tire spin again. My r/t's weren't too bad but I've got to work harder on my launches and find a way to pick-up another 1/2 sec. We're going again on Nov 11th so let's see a bigger group next time.


No Pictures Available at This Time.  Please Check Back Soon!