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SCCoSE Members

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NOTE:  THIS LIST IS NOT YET COMPLETE.  We are working on the complete current list.

Car Information
BBS User Name
Bill Carey
Warner Robbins, GA
Neal Carnes
Oakfield, GA
Ian Corley
Forest Park, GA
90 35th Anniv, Auto
91 35th Anniv, 5 speed
Rick Cunningham
Smyrna, GA
90 SC Auto, Black
90 SC 5sp, Blue
Robert Dennenberg
Lawrenceville, GA
89 SC, 5 sp. Black
Mike Donley
Montgomery, AL
91 LX/SC Clone, Black
MickeyD LX50
Randy and Deborah Gilbert
Dublin, GA
David Debuty
Chattanooga, TN
90 SC, 5 sp, Red
Steve Griffith
Prattville, AL
93 SC, White/Blue
Jesse Guy
Valdosta, GA
95 SC 5 speed, Cranberry Red
Darrin Henderson
Montgomery, AL
91 SC, Custom Paint
Glenn Huber
Columbus, GA
90 SC, 5 sp, White
93 SC, Auto, White
95 SC, 5 sp, Black
John Jackson
High Point, NC
89 SC, 5 speed
Dan Lineback
Lithia Springs, GA
91 SC Auto, Red
Dan Lineback
John Macolino
Buford, GA
89 SC, 5 sp, Midnight Blue
Tim Newcom
Chattanooga, TN
94 SC 5 sp, Red
Dave Nyhart
Scottsboro, AL
35th Anniversary, Auto
Jason Parham
Tuscaloosa, AL
89 XR-7, 5 sp, Black
Jason Parham
Darrell & Amy Petty
Montgomery, AL
90 SC, 5 sp, Midnight Blue
Mike Puckett
Norcross, GA
90 SC 5sp, Black
35th Anniv. Auto
Mike Puckett
Jason Shaneyfelt
Chattanooga, TN

Scott Smith
Maryville, TN
94 SC Auto, Red
Rob Synder
Grantville, GA
He's got a bunch!  'nuff said!
Ron Wiemer
Knoxville, TN
95 SC, Auto, Pearl White

* If any member would like their e-mail address kept private, contact me and let me know